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Are you like most people where you wish you could have more happiness, more abundance, more purpose, more success, and more love in your life?

Wouldn't it be nice if life came with an instruction book that told us how to get all of this?

Lynn Grabhorn had these same basic desires. For decades she explored the path to this wisdom and in her exploration she discovered the perfect and easy way to manifest everything she ever wanted. Her discovery led her to write the ultimate instruction book: Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting.

This book has changed millions of people's lives by showing them how to consciously create anything their heart desires through the powerful principle - the Law of Attraction.

"It takes only sixteen seconds of focused
thought to begin a manifestation."
- Lynn Grabhorn

An Audio Message from Lynn

This is a very good book. That may be a rather simple statement, yet in fact, I feel that Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting is one of the three all time best books I have ever read!

-Magical Blend

The book contains so much wisdom that Lynn followed up with a 270-page workbook called The Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting Playbook. This Playbook offers exercises that help you integrate the Excuse Me principles in your daily life.

Today we are proud to announce a special program completely based on the Excuse Me principles. We have combined the principles of the book, with the life-changing exercises in the Playbook and designed the ultimate online learning tool
- The Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting Course on CD.

But that's not all.

We also added audio from her audio program, buiIt inspirational flash meditations.

Inside this course you will find over 120 pages of lessons, principles, exercises, and meditations. But know this; it's not a copy of the book's text. It takes the best and most important material and organizes them in a way that makes learning the messages most effective and - most important - a very personal process. This is what makes this online course so powerful... its personal focus on you!

Here is a short list of things you will learn from this course:

  • The Four Steps of Deliberate Creation-everything you need to create what you want in your life

  • How to identify what you want and how to use your don't wants to create your wants

  • How to take your wants and intend and allow them to happen

  • Learning that we are not separate and that separation is an illusion

  • How your feelings attract what you are getting in your life

  • How to consciously control your feelings so that you attract what you want

  • How to unblock past experiences so they don't limit your creations

  • It's our feelings (emotions) that make things happen, not our thoughts

  • How all issues are lessons and how to change your issues

  • Extensive explanation of each of the four steps to Deliberate Creation

  • And more, much more....

The list of lessons and benefits goes on and on.

".... changed my life! Or maybe I should say changed my life, or saved my life... All three apply. I had never before realized how incredibly negative and hateful I was. It can be really hard to look at oneself as responsible for your own experiences, but this book showed me just how culpable I am in writing the script of my life. Good and bad..."

-Laura, New York

    The way we think...
    ...causes the way we feel. . .
    ...and the way we feel. . .
    ...causes the way we vibrate
    ...and the way we vibrate. . .

".... Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting teaches readers a simple and effective technique for transforming their lives and obtaining
whatever it is that they desire. Buy a copy for yourself and
another for a friend and enjoy the good life together!"

-Amazon Reviewer

Exercises and Personal Journal

Each lesson contains exercises that allow you to go from reading the wisdom to applying that wisdom in your own life. A word document is provided so can record the answers and add to them or change them as you proceed through the course.

The exercises will teach you things like:

  • How to stop being a victim and start creating your ideal life

  • How to be aware of how powerful your feelings are

  • How to identify limiting beliefs that stop you from creating your ideal life

  • How to identify the difference in frequency between a negative and a positive feeling

  • Learning to flip from the low negative frequency to a high frequency, no matter what is happening around you

  • How to own your life-past, present, and future

  • How to feel the difference between a Want and a Don't Want

  • And more, much, much more....

Dozens of exercises that help you integrate the lessons in your life.
No book could ever provide this type of personal focus.

12 Powerful Meditations

With each lesson there is a beautiful and powerful meditation that helps you deepen the message that is contained in that lesson-using soft music, beautiful pictures, and meditative movement.

"Beware! Worry and fear can draw to you exactly the kind of experience you most hope to avoid, and as author Lynn Grabhorn reminds us, it is all too easy to slip into almost unconscious negative thinking patterns. But Grabhorn won't let this happen to you! She won't let you slip into victimhood, or snooze through your unlivable life. With her highly motivational theories, tips and guides, she explains the ever popular law of "Vibrational Attraction" with a new twist, and invites you to become the creator of your own bliss."

-Bodhi Tree

Was $69.95
Now only

Special Edition CD
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This is the program that shows you, in simple easy steps, how to manifest
everything your heart desires!

Jan 2005

Hampton Roads and launch the Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting Online Course and is has been changing people’s lives for the better since it was released. Less than 3% of the people who purchased the course have asked for our unconditional refund. To date over 1,000 people have signed up for the Online Course.

JAN 2007

“The Secret” became a best selling phenomenon. The material is a great introduction to the Law of Attraction, however, it offered very little in practical guidance on achieving your wants and desires. Since that time numerous authors have announced material promising to teach you how to make the Law of Attraction work for you. Cost from $200 to $3,000. Ouch!

Act Today to Receive our special offer

We have created a mini-course from the book, workbook and full online course and put in on a CD. This CD contains:

  • An overview of the book.
  • An explanation of the four steps to deliberate Creation.
  • Lessons and exercises associated with each of the four steps to help you internalize the material.
  • Excerpts from the 12 Tenets of Understanding.
  • 12 audio files that can be downloaded to your IPod, PLUS
  • 12 beautiful flash movies and audios for your review.

Our Offer and Guarantee for YOU today.

Try out the CD and see if it works for you. If not, return it to us within 30 days and we will refund the purchase cost of the CD back to you, no questions asked.


If you decide to purchase the full online course at a later date we will give you full credit against the cost of the course from your CD purchase.

Only $39.95


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Small shipping cost applies

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