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Introducing the new course on CD
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A lot of people in this country and worldwide
are now asking this question.

There is an old spiritual saying that goes like this:
"Your journey begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Where are you at in your comfort zone?

In the spring of 1992 a man who had reached the end of his comfort zone, sat down in his home and wrote an angry letter to God. It was a spiteful, passionate letter, full of confusions, contortions, and condemnations. Most emphatically the letter asked: What had I done to deserve a life of such continuing struggle? In other words, Why?

An amazing thing happened. God answered and a conversation began. The name of the man was Neale Donald Walsch. What followed was an extraordinary dialogue covering nearly 3,000 pages in nine books written over eleven years and touching on all aspects of human life.

What I love about Neale's material is that is chocked full of "Spiritual Nuggets". And within these Spiritual Nuggets you will find the answer to the question -

Wisdom CD is proud to announce the creation of 5 wisdom courses on CD from Neale Donald Walsch. We have taken the Spiritual Nuggets from Neale's life changing material and presented them in a way that will engage and entertain you using state of the art audio and video presentations. Below is information on the courses that can be purchased individually, or in various combinations at a significant discount. These courses represent a significant library of wisdom that will give you hours and hours of enjoyment and enlightenment.

The CD's make excellent gifts for that friend or loved one who is at the end of their comfort zone.

The CWG Library of
Courses on CD

Note: These are not audio CD's. They are CD's rich in audio, text lessons
and video presentations that play in your computer.

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CWG Wisdom Courses on CD
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The Changing Change Course on CD

The Changing Change Course is not just another course on CD. It is designed as a conversation, during which we will conduct an extraordinary investigation into how life works at the mental and spiritual level, out of which will emerge a surprising revelation about ways in which you can change your experience of change itself— which means, of course, your experience of life.

Within the Changing Change Course, you will find:

  1. Details of the 9 Changes that can change your life.Change your identity
  2. Details of the 13 Promises made in the 9 changes. 
  3. Within the Changes and the Promises you will find:
  • 50+ detailed pages that describe the wisdom here.
  • 80+ journal questions, exercises, quizzes and assignments to help you internalize the material.
  • 23 beautiful movies of the Poems from the book by Poet Em Claire.
  • 16 additional movies that spotlight significant wisdom from the course.
  • 13 downloadable documents to further your understanding of the material.
  • 70+ quotes from the course you can download to your computer.
  • Access to your own personal journal files where you can print the questions, exercises, quizzes and assignments you completed.
  • A bonus section that contains 3 audio CDs you can listen to or download to your MP3 player (over $30 in free content). The CD titles are: "Being Fearless", "Your Own Conversation with God" and "The Unspoken Secret of the Law of Attraction."


"The book When Everything Changes, Change Everything led me to a revolutionary understanding of what change is and how and why change occurs in my life. It has gifted me with a new set of spiritual and psychological tools that I now apply to how I approach change and ultimately create change, resulting in more joy and less fear, more peace and less turmoil. Neale's exciting new addition of this accompanying When Everything Changes, Change Everything Course - which I had an opportunity to preview - provided an extraordinary opportunity to enhance and deepen my exploration, a content-rich resource that offers an abundance of spiritual and mental insights, videos of Neale, soulful poetry, individualized online journaling, constructive transformational exercises, and much more. Whether you are experiencing challenging changes in your life or looking to expand your understanding and application of the When Everything Changes, Change Everything material, I invite and encourage you to bring into your life the gift of this course and choose to change your life by creating your life."

~Lisa, Orlando, Florida

If you are ready to learn about how you create the changes in your life,
rather than endure them, click on the purchase button below.

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Living Conversations with God

This course takes the best messages from the CWG books and gives you the opportunity to personally apply them to your life through 34 lessons, 34 insights from Neale Donald Walsch, and 34 exercises. Neale’s insights are almost a book in themselves. The course includes the following:

Living Your Purpose

This powerful course will take you through a process of discovering who you are and show you how to live the grandest version of the greatest vision you ever had about yourself. The course includes the following:

  • The first part of the course is a guide to help you determine what your life's purpose is.

  • The second part of the course is a step-by-step exploration of the process of recreation, complete with assignments and exercises.

Communion with God

Written in first person as God’s voice, this course covers the illusions we live with as humans. The reason for the 10 Illusions is to provide Localized Context Fields within which you may recreate yourself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held about Who You Are.

The Creator may be experienced and found within you and all around you. But you must look past The Illusions of Humans.

This course shows you how to use the Illusions to recreate yourself anew.

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Home with God

This course explores at a greater depth than ever before, the process we call life. The dialogue journeys into territory lying at the farthest frontier of spirituality: the cosmology of all life. It offers a breathtaking glimpse of Ultimate Reality, presented through metaphor.

It reveals in simple, accessible language the reason and purpose for living, the nature of the journey upon which we are all embarked, and the extraordinary end to that journey—an end that turns out to be not an end at all, but an ecstatic interlude in a glorious and ongoing experience, the full description of which staggers the imagination.

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Spiritual Nuggets - a 10 photo card set of CWG sayings.

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